Digital Payments Security: Lessons From Canada

Canada, which has a head start on the adoption of digital payments, has learned some valuable security lessons that could be beneficial to the U.S., says Gord Jamieson of Visa. "If we look at Canada itself as a market, we're probably one of the leading countries when it comes to the adoption and usage of…

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The Security Token Academy – Crypto Block Wire, LLC

According to Security Token Academy’s official website, the security token industry will be born anew in 2018. This industry is set to provide the foundation for the ever-evolving financial Internet. Security tokens will enable and facilitate crypto-based fundraising. Therefore, they will be used to tokenize trillions of dollars’ worth of global assets. The Security Token…

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New York-based Leaseum Partners Teams Up with Tokeny to Launch $250M Tokenized Real Estate Fund

Leaseum partners, a New York-based real estate fund, has chosen the Tokeny platform to launch a $250 million blockchain-enabled real estate fund. New York-based blockchain-powered real estate fund Leaseum Partners has signed a deal with Luxembourg-based fintech firm Tokeny to use its platform for token creation and management to launch a $250 million tokenized real…

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