OneAlpha Blockchain Report Suggests Positive Trajectory for the Industry, After a “Cleansing” Bear Market

An October report published by OneAlpha suggests that Bitcoin has gained strength following the 2018 correction. Moreover, based on their findings, they posit that the bear market has had a “cleansing effect” on the crypto marlet, as the bust drove out speculators and “[lowered] valuations to a more sensible level.” Based in Israel, OneAlpha is…

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The 5 biggest blockchain myths, debunked – TechRepublic

The distributed ledger technology Blockchain has proven to be the larger value of cryptocurrencies, with the potential to revolutionize almost every industry. However, many myths around what the technology actually is and how it works are preventing businesses from understanding its potential impacts and applications. "Blockchains are being used to revolutionize all sorts of industries,…

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